Learned something valuable ...

Even at the ripe old age of 45 40-something, there are still things to learn.  Like how I need my "girlie" time.

Living in Casa De Oz, I am surrounded by the male species.  A Husband. Two Sons. My Father.  There are zero "XX" chromosomes living here - other than Momma Oz.

As much as N.O.W. and the Woman's Liberation Organization would like you and I to believe, males and females are not the same.  We do not think the same.  We do not act the same.  We do not process information the same.  Heck, we don't even have the exact same set of genes.  The list could go on.

Two nights ago, I checked in on a girlfriend who recently had surgery.  This was - pretty much - the first outbound call outside of family that I have made in days weeks a month or more.  We had a nice chat - for about 20 minutes, and I was lamenting being surrounded and outnumbered.  She chuckled and told me the grass wasn't always greener - since in her house it is three girls and one guy.  Different problems, same frustrations.

Yesterday, the Oz Children, Husband and Father had not pre-planned my Wednesday afternoon off, so I made a plan to meet a bestie for lunch.  It had been forever since we had an opportunity to catch up.  We both lamented what women lament when they get together, and laughed at how - oftentimes - we feel exactly the same.  Aka - the grass isn't always greener outside my front door.  Similar problems.  Different problems.  Same frustrations.  Same ability to laugh at these frustrations.  We made a promise that we would definitely need to do this more often!  Much.more.often.

This morning, it hit me.  Both interactions were exactly what I needed.  Exactly.  Because us women-folk?  We need our girlie time.  And believe me, I plan on taking more of it.

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