Off I go...or...a Study in Time Management?

Things are always busy around the Land of Oz.

With a seven year old and all of his requisite activities, a nineteen year old who is trying to find his way, Mr Oz and his beautiful woodworking, keeping Grandpa on track (although he is really good at keeping himself on track!), taking care of the house, my job, and such, you can imagine that things really get hopping on the Yellow Brick Road. Sometimes, there are even traffic jams - too much to do with too little time.

Yet, in typical Mrs. Oz fashion, I am always seeking another way to add just one more thing to the schedule.

Okay, not really.  But I am always seeking a way to make a process better, or add "value" to the family life, etc.  Events.  Experiences.  Changes in Process. Making points through actions that speak louder in words.   Perhaps it is my business background that leads to to a value prop for the home.  Perhaps it is just my ever changing nature.  (Don't get Mr. Oz started on how often "changes" come about with Mrs. Oz, or my lack of decision making skills).

My time management (aka "How the hell do you get everything done") skills are about to be taxed to the limit.    See, I added something to the schedule that isn't going to be a cakewalk.

See, in between all of the aforementioned ebbs and flows of my to do list, I have added taking classes to further my educational process. Six credit hours, two classes, condensed into 8 weeks.  This term....an orientation style class, and Too Much Reading 301 Business Law.

Lest you get the wrong impression - oh, I don't know, one that says I am crazy - it is true...I AM indeed crazy. But I am also excited to further the process I started 25 years ago. But as I told my eldest when academics got in the way of his college enjoyment, and found himself on the outside looking back with regret  - "You can make mistakes throughout your life, that is acceptable.  What you need to strive to do - is not make the mistakes permanent."

And with carefully planned time management, and a whole lot of work, that is what I am about to do.  Change a mistake from long ago, into an permanent opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

WOOOT!!!! SO very proud of you for going back! I know it will be hard, and I know that sometimes it will suck, but you are one of the most intelligent people I know, and if ANYONE can make this work it's you. Also, kudos for Mr OZ for backing you up, and having your back. With that kind of support you can't lose!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!