Why not meeeeeeeeee

Mr. Oz and I took the King to a local university planetarium last night (no Momma Duckfeeter, not the one you used to go to, the one run by the nuns just around the corner - yup, they are a university now!).  The library was having a program for kiddos and their parents, and I thought that the King might find it to be way cool.

Turns out, he did indeed find it way cool.  He loved flying to the various stars, the moon, the sun and the like - and learned about constellations, the north star ("Polaris Mom, get it right"), Jupiter (where his big brother goes to get more stupider), and such.  He learned, as did we, why Pluto is no longer a planet (it's orbit - and Dr. M - their astronomer did a great job visualizing it).  He also learned that planetariums are totally awesome places.

The Eldest though, was a little put out.  Why?  Because he wasn't invited.  He didn't make that big of a deal about it - but the deal that he made indicated that he would have liked to do something like this as well.  Of course, the Eldest could put up no fight though once Mr. Oz said to him "We used to do stuff like this when you were little, now it is the King's turn".  I hope it eased the disappointment - but, I get "why" he was disappointed.


Back in the day, Mrs. Oz also had some feelings like "Why not meeeeeeee".

Being the youngest of five kids, there was much that I wanted to do, but didn't get the opportunity.  In some cases I was too young, in some cases I "was a girl", but in many cases, it was a case of "Been there, Done That" with my parents and older siblings.

Trips to the Zoo?  Relegated to go with my Eldest Sister.  Seeing a Circus?  That came with my boyfriend (and now hubby!!).  Going camping?  Girl Scouts.  Art museum?  Sister, girl scouts, school.  Teddy Bear?  First one came on my 18th birthday from a friend.

Lest you think I am bitchin' vs. just sharing I want to say, that I really am not.  I get it.  Totally.

 Back in the day, when the Eldest was the only, as well as a wee one, we took him to EVERYTHING.  Disney on Ice. Sesame Street Live.  A circus.  Cedar Point. Idlewilde (awesome place in Pennsylvania btw), camping (cabin style), etc.  Travel hockey.  Yup, everything.  We were in oiur 20's/30's and wanted him to experience everything we thought a kid should experience.

Along came the King.  And with the King came feelings of both age and "been there done that".  Circus?  Done that.  Sesame Street Live?  Done that.  Motocross?  Done that.  Idlewild?  Done that.  Thankfullly, early on, I flashed back to my feelings of "I don't care that you did this with my older siblings...WHY NOT MEEEEEEE".

Hence the planetarium!  Without the eldest.  Hence the Monster Truck Rally this weekend (that the Eldest is taking his brother to - because they both wanna see it, and I quite frankly I don't).  Hence a whole new block of experiences that, whether or not Mr and Mrs. Oz feel to old...or feel "BTDT", need to occur for the King - just as they did for his older brother.

I see the argument from both sides now (from win and lose and still somehow....it's loves illusion I recall.....oh wait, no one called for a musical interlude).  Like I said, I get it...and the eldest didn't (get to go...that is)

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