It has indeed been a crazy few weeks since we last met.  For those of you on Facebook, y'all know that life in Oz Land has been running at its typical breakneck speed.  That's okay though - that is what life is all about, right?

Since we last spoke, Mr. Oz has turned and turned and turned many new pieces of wood.  Here is one of my favorites, turned for a cousin/niece of ours who is getting married in two weeks:

It is an irish wedding goblet, turned in 17th century tradition from one piece of wood (Cypress).  The rings are free floating on the stem, and symbolize strength, unity and longevity (hence the one piece of wood thing!).  It is genuinely beautiful!

The King/Wook participated in his school's talent show.  He did wrestling warm-up moves to one of his favorite wrestling songs.  Check out the video (but fair warning, it might make you tired...this kid has got some serious energy):

The Young Adult continues to work two positions - one at the "I'm Lovin' it" place, and the other at "Pizza Pizza" (the official owner of the Detroit Red Wings).  He has been putting in 50-60 hours a week, and is realizing that life outside of college at the ripe old age of 19 can be pretty boring when all you do is work.work.work.  (Mama's plan is working LOL).  Pizza Pizza place wants to bump his hours up to over 40, so I am thinking that the I'm Lovin' It job is about to go by the wayside. 

As for Mama Oz - I officially finished my first term back in college.  Worked my butt off and got an A in Business Law, as well as an A in a required orientation class (Student Learning Success). 8 week courses are condensed, so full time consists of two 3-credit classes.   Have a two week break before firing back up again for Systems Administration and Design, and Business Policy and Strategy. Thankful for the two weeks off though - much is coming down the pike including wedding showers, a wedding, the King's birthday, Mother's Day, etc.   Oh, and a two week break means I get to blog more!

Other than these "biggie" events, life has been full of the usual soccer games, wrestling banquets, baby and wedding showers, cleaning, cooking, bowling (Ma and Pa League), working on vacation planning, traveling for work to diversity and women in business events (Dayton, Louisville, Cleveland and such), hanging out with some old friends...you know, the usual "pack every moment of every day" things!  

Like I titled this post...WHEW!

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