A Snowy Day

After (literally) months of snow-free days as far as accumulation goes (since last March), the last several days have finally brought a real and measurable snow.

Christmas evening (a snow free day) gave way to an overnight and next day snowfall of a couple of inches. Over the next day - some of it melted off (thankfully)

Then last evening a quiet snow moved in. For those of you in frozen precipitation areas, you understand a quiet snow. The kind that falls gently from the skies. It doesn't seem like much. Yet several hours later, there seems to be an accumulation that doesn't match the rate at which the snow is falling.

This is what we woke up to this morning. About 4" had quietly fallen over the night. An additional 1" has fallen today.  It has been a pretty snow. A powdery snow. A beautiful snow. A perfect snow.....

For sledding on the local hill. A hill that Mom used to sled; when she could convince her Mom or Dad (or big brothers or sisters) to take her to do so. A hill that his Aunt and Uncles used to walk across to get to their other classes at another school. A hill on which most area children - throughout the ages - have generated beautiful memories of snowy days.

A hill that the King has declared - like the snow - perfect.

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