The Fiscal Cliff...or it is all "their" fault

    As we approach the fiscal cliff, it is important to note one thing. It is all "their" fault. It isn't my party's fault. It is their party's fault. It isn't the President's fault. It is their fault. It isn't the House of Representative's fault. It is their fault. It isn't the Senate's fault. It is their fault.

Except....to define their is pretty easy. Their = The Republicans, The Democrats, The President, the House of Representatives, The Senate. 

Yes, if we go off the cliff, there is no one person at fault, there are many. And they are the ones that we all elected. The ones that are too busy pointing fingers at the amorphous their because no one has any answers; at least no one has any answers that will allow him or her to get re-elected or protect a party position.  And folks...that means it is OUR fault. Because we allowed them to happen. Period. We elected them. All of them. And we get to go down in flames because of our decisions. Way to go, "me", way.to.go.

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