Can you tell school got busy?

Can you tell that my schoolwork has kept me busy?  That, combined with sports and home life has kept me away from the blogging door for a few weeks.  I have a couple of neat stories to share - but alas I must head off to work here shortly. So as a reminder (to me) and a teaser (to you), watch over the next day or so to hear about....

  • A hearkening back to a Great Great Grandmother, and a wondering if perhaps someone alive today didn't call her forward and allow for her to ensure that distant cousins were able to cross paths. (Spooky? Perhaps, but awesome)
  • The first indoor soccer outing of the King.
  • Budgeting 101 with the Eldest
  • A return to full time work, and the challenges it can bring.

Yup, although I haven't "stopped by"...I definitely have been thinking about what I would say when or if I did stop by!


The Girl Next Door said...

You blog like I do these days - in your head!! oF course you have a way better excuse than I do (job, kids, parent, school just to name a few....)

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Many of your words are fun to read. (Just looking randomly around some new blogs while the family watch rubbish TV). A heck of a lot of spam comments though, which is a shame. Greetings from Scotland.