Found an interesting quote...

(Waxing a lil' philosophical this evening)

As I was working on some school work today, I came across an interesting quote from John Dewey - educational progressive.  Dewey believed heavily in experiential learning, and creative "thinking" to develop young minds, rather than the rote and heavy handed  academic methods used to prepare students for the industrial age. I guess that is why this quote surprised me so much. It seems out of character for someone who does not  believe in a more lock-step vision of  traditional education. Perhaps I am reading it incorrectly, and it is more positive that it appears on the surface.  I have attempted to locate it - in context - to ascertain his meaning, but have been unsuccessful. Here is the quote:

"Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy" 

That isn't to say that I disagree with this quote.  I do agree, wholeheartedly. And I believe that we - thinkers so to speak - do need to put the world in jeopardy more often. We need to stop taking a sound-bite approach to learning new things and actually delve into them, learning their immediate, short-term and long term meanings and impacts. To put traditional ideals of the world in jeopardy for the sake of progress; whatever that progress may be.

So I ask you - gentle readers - to determine a way that you too can put the world into jeopardy in this manner.  Think. Grow. Think more.

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