Snuck in an imaginative day off to start the New Year...

Our company Leadership decided to sneak in an extra day off before returning from the Holidays.  It is a good thing...given that I have worked 3-5 hours each and every day (including NYE and NYD) between the Friday before Christmas to today.

As such, the King had been begging, pleading, and being downright annoying persistent about wanting a parent / kid trip to Imagination Station, our local Science Museum. With Mr. Oz back to work...and the Prince being his usual princely self of being nowhere to be found - I figured now was a good a time as any to get the eight-year old off my back have a mother-son date to the Science Center.

From Farming (Courtesy of the Andersons), to Bodies in Motion (Courtesy of Promedica), to Energy (Courtesy of Toledo Edison and First Solar), to Engineering (Courtesy of SSOE)...a fun time was had by the King and me.

Taking a quiz to see if he is a Master Farmer, or just a Master Veggie eater.  Okay, with a little help from Mom.
After all, what Eight Year old knows the phrase Agronomy?  

And the Verdict is....Master Farmer! As he asked me for help, he asked me to be in the picture
that the display..well...displays!

Using foot-power to show energy conversion and the need for exercise. 

Back to work tomorrow. Back to school today (Hmm, 140 pgs of Math anyone??).  I have to admit, if even for a short time, it was nice to spend time with my lil' King.

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