Taking a quick study break...

Was just taking a quick study break to eat some lunch, and came across the following article in my newsfeed.  Yes, it is from Fox News, but I will also add the disclaimer that it is an Op Ed.

There are so many things in this article that I could agree with - and several that I have railed on before (trophys for nothing, me-ism and such, etc).

Yet I don't know if this is a function of the Millennial society, the parents that raised them, or if it simply is something that occurs across generation divides.  Each generation believes the one that comes after them is destined to "doom the world", right?  In fact, there is something about a baby boomer like Dr. Ablow (perhaps the single most narcissistic, feel good generation ever) deriding the youngsters today for being narcissistic. Yet, he is the one with the PDR on his desk and the Dr. in front of his name.

Would love to hear any of your thoughts.  Seriously.


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The Girl Next Door said...

There are some interesting points, but of course all the positive things about social media are ignored. The fact that technology has changed our lives so completely - mostly for the better - means todays kids of course are different. And yeah I have been bashing the whole "everyone gets a trophy" thing since I first became aware of it 15 years ago when my babies got their first trophy. I EARNED my first trophy at 8 years old when our little league team won the championship! Thankyouverymuch!