A year later....

Last year, as the King's holiday break drew to a close, a Polar Vortex (something virtually unheard of when I was younger....thanks The Weather Channel) fired up Winter Storm Hercules (naming winter storms is again something that was virtually unheard....thanks weather channel). The result?  A massive dump of snow followed by bitter cold which delayed the King's return to school by an additional week.

Of course, the kids were thrilled - the parents, not so much.  Here is a little taste of what it looked like in early January, 2014.

This winter season, we are a bit behind in our snow totals.  Like 6"+ behind.  So imagine Mr. Oz and Momma Oz's shock when we looked outside in the late afternoon and caught a glimpse of snowfall!  Much to the King's chagrin (and his parent's delight), this anticipated snowfall is to be less than an inch, but I am sure the first signs of flakes floating down put fear into the hearts of all Northwest Ohio parents.

As of dusk...here is what has accumulated.  What a difference a year makes, to be sure.

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