Let's hope he doesn't have to write an essay

Upon the King's return to school on Monday, let's hope that his first assignment is "What I planned to do on my Winter Break" rather than "What I did on my Winter Break".  Momma and Mr. Oz had plenty of things planned to do.  Outdoor skating at Mud Hens Stadium (where they had ice down for a Winterfest game), Winter Wonderland, and the like.  Instead....much of the break (post Christmas) looked more like this for the King:

Asleep. Gatorade by his side. Trying to kick a nasty virus

That isn't to say that he didn't have any fun over break.  Just prior to getting sick, he was able to hit the ice for an indoor open skate with his big bother and his big bruh's friend B.

And then there was the whole "Skating at Joe Louis Arena" thing that kicked his vacation off. 

But still, for the most part the King had a pretty yucky Winter Break thanks to the nasty germs that seemed to want to invade Ozland (and the King in particular).

So lets just hope he doesn't have to write an essay.

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