Tiger's Blood

After the basketball game yesterday, we stopped into a new(ish) restaurant here in the 'burb  The place opened up about 3 or so months ago and features baked potatoes and New Orleans Snowballs.  After chowing down on a hot dog (the King is not an adventurous foodie by any means), he turned his 10 year old eyes to the New Orleans' Snowball offerings (like a snowcone, but different in consistency and flavor absorbption).  When you are 10...of course you have to try the flavor known as "Tiger's Blood".

The color of this thing? Brilliant and jewely.  The flavor? According to the King...ah.maze.ing. (Berries with a hint of coconut).

Given the look on his face as he was eating it...it must be good to be the King.

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Aaron Baker said...

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