Ahhh..the first letter home...and other stuff...

The mail arrived today with the first letter home from Master Sargeant Sparky (misspelling are his...)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hey! I am haveing so much fun because I am Mess Sargent, Cabin leader, and Platoon leader. I am being so good.

Last night I got so mad. My cabin mates were screaming and yelling. So we had to P.T. It was horrible. After the P.T. the cabin mates just kep screaming. My coucliers got so mad just like me.

Well rest hour is over and I have to go bye!

Hunter O

p.s. Send more candy.

Hmmm..8 lbs of candy....send more?! Yea right! I can't believe he is going to be 13 tomorrow....

Well....switching gears...how about a little look at what is growing in the back yard at the Merry Land of Oz....

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