Have you ever seen...

Have you ever seen one of those hampster wheels in a hampster cage? You know the ones where the hampster jumps on and starts running and running..but really never gets anywhere? You have? Great...then you know what my week has been like this week. Running around like crazy...but not getting anywhere! Hence...another day of "random thoughts" in the ol' blog...as there was much to blog about...but little time to do it..so here goes!

Da Baby Makes me Laugh - Okey dokey..the other night, master little one was running between Dad Oz and I to eat his snack. Why? Well.. Momma had fresh blueberrys and fresh raspberrys...and daddy had chocolate ice cream...with chocolate sauce...and in a nice blend of healthy meets crappy....da baby decided his snack was to consist of both. So back and forth across the great room he dashed (so that Mom and Dad wouldn't eat ALL of his snack...to his toddler mind!) shoveling berries in with ice cream. It totally cracked me up!

95 degree weather can be boring - Okay...this is getting ridiculous. 9 straight days of 90+ weather. Hey Mr. Weatherman...can I get your job? "Ditto for tomorrow, and the day after..and the day after that". Luckily...or hopefully (your choice), this weekend is supposed to be hanging out in the low to mid eighties. Yea. Finally...a cold front! (Thanks Canada!)

Swimming with a kiddo is fun - Da baby is still enjoying the swimming pool. You often hear shouts of glee upon entering...sounds like a water rat in the making (just like his brother!)

Ear Tubes are an easy surgery for a kiddo - Dukey had his ear tubes put in this morning. He was back with da momma at 8:45...and left the hospital (after screaming bloody murder during the Anesthesia withdrawal process) at 9:05. After a 9-11 nap..he is good to go..and quite frankly, you wouldn't even know that anything occurred today in his little life. He is running around like a crazy kiddo.... eating everything he can get his toddler hands on. FYI, The ENT indicated that both ears were thoroughly infected...with the right being incredibly so...He has cultured the right ear to determine what the bacteria is (since there has been no antibiotic that has touched it yet)..so that they can get it under control. The tubes should make a huge difference according to the Dr.

Laundry Never Ends - Lookng at the pool table in the great room..I am here to tell ya....that even though one Sr. Oz kiddo ain't home..there is still WAAAYYYYY to much laundry for this Momma to handle. YIKES!

And that about sums up random thougths for today. What with work, surgery, swimming, watering posies (so that the early summer drought doesn't get them), cleaning up the back yard for a little 4th party, trying to catch up (and failing miserably) on house work.....the updates have been few and far between.....keep tuned....eventually things will settle down!

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