Life in Full Force

Whew....life continues to be busy around the land of Oz, with limited blogging time! Amazing ain't it that the best intentions seem to fall by the wayside...when life happens.

Had a wonderful time in Toledo this past weekend. Sr. oz child had a great birthday party Friday at his Grandma W's. He had a ball hanging out with his cousins..and littlest Oz enjoyed all of the attention his younger cousins and Aunts and Uncles showered on him (Okay..and his grandma too!).

Saturday dawned with the Oz family getting ready for an Oz Family Wedding. Little Oz hung out in the hallway at Grandpas while everyone got ready..and even got to read the newspaper with Grandpa! Of course..come wedding time...Momma Oz and littlest Oz didn't spend much time in the Church (Rosary Cathedral...I luv that place..it is gorgeous!)...as little Oz wanted to sing along with the Priest..and get persnickety! The reception was a blast..with the soon-to-be teenager being totally "bored"..and the little one attracting attention by blowing kisses and waving at people! Ah....the age difference can be fun!

Father's day started very early with a Father's Day breakfast with Grandpa F before heading out to drop off Master Sargeant Spark at Summer Camp. Had an easy trip across the Ohio Turnpike, and arrived in enough time to make the requisite stop at Wally World to obtain riding boots for horseback riding (which Momma Oz totally forgot to pick up!).

After an easy registration, we headed out to camp where MS Spark was immediately informed of his Cabin Leader Status by his Commandant. He was thrilled..and you could see the chest puff up immediately! He quickly put his gear to rights in his cabin (Cabin 6 for those writing him!), and was ready to send Momma, Poppa and Littlest Oz on their way. Of course...Momma Oz wasn't necessarily ready...but you get the picture!

Arrived home after a long drive Sunday evening ready to hit another week. Yesterday dawned to work..lots of catchup laundry, and a trip to the ENT for Sir Persnickety to assess for Tubes. The Verdict....Tubes... (Surprise?!). So...littlest crazy kiddo will undergo the operation next Thursday. The funny part is..the ENT also indicated that we will most likely be dealin with an ear infection before that...as it looks like Little One's ear is starting to flare again! (Okay...3 courses of antibiotics and it still isn't cleared...what the heck kind of bacteria is this?!)

The ENT indicated that he would be a little cranky for a couple of hours after the operation..but that by Friday...he would be ready for Daycare..and ready to roll. The doc also indicated that he was going to culture the fluid during the Operation so that he would know which antibiotic would knock it out.... He also commented that he had 8 current patients, all within a two week "birth period" that were all facing the same type of issue (Little Oz making #9. He said "I wonder if the kids were exposed to something last fall that was out there..or if the Mom's were exposed to something during pregnancy". Little Oz's daycare class has 5 babies in it...1 of which got tubes about 3 weeks ago (and is within that same 2 week period!)...and Little Oz makes 2 there! Maybe Dr. ENT is on to something!

Of course...last evening was spent trying to get the house back together from the trip, catch up on laundry...pool vacuuming, etc.

Whew...even writing about it has made me tired...and it is only 7:30 in the morning! Have a great day everyone....

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