Oh for the time...

Sorry for the dearth of blog updates over the past several days. Things have been mighty hectic here in the land of Oz!

We have been busily getting the oldest oz child ready for camp (hence the pictures of the hair coming off!). This results in multiple shopping trips, marking and packing all of his gear, and making a list...and checking it twice! Six weeks of being gone requires a lot of crap.

Then there is the youngest oz child..who has decided to again flair an ear infection and be really whiny (and sleepless!) in the process. Luckily I caught it coming in on Sunday evening...and took him to the Urgent Care center to get the antibiotics agoing right away (he spiked the fever in the late afternoon on Sunday!). Don't worry..his ENT appointment is this coming Monday. With any luck...this will all come to an end soon.

Of course..then there is always work, and trying (but not succeeding very well) on catching up on laundry and housework...as well has having the Van's brakes redone (and ball joints!)...figuring out how to work it so that eldest Oz kiddo gets a little birthday fun (his birthday happens during camp this year)....and you can see that life in Oz has been running in full tilt! (Oh..and we have had to add a few dips in the pool, and games on the floor with the kids...just for time-eaters...but hey..they are FUN time eaters!!).

We take off for the northern family homesteads on Friday (which is why the Laundry is soo durn important!)...hit an Oz family wedding (Mr. Oz's side) then drop off Eldest Ozer Kiddo on Sunday before heading back down home. Whew...what a week! Of course..next week...I will be lamenting the loss of Eldest Oz child to the camp of Northern Climes....and wishing he were back home...and wondering what I am doing with all of my free time!

So..if ya don't hear from us much on the blog this week..you can easily imagine tons of work going on in Oz!

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