Whadda Great Long Weekend!

Whew...as you can see from the pictures below, we had quite a busy weekend! Not the least of which included driving over a thousand miles between Thursday and Sunday!

Took off for Northwest Ohio early Thursday morning so that we could drop off King "Sleepin at Grandma's House" before heading out to Indiana to attend the end of camp awards ceremony with King "sleepin at camp". After the requisite accidents in Cincinnati, Dayton, and just south of Bowling Green, we arrived up north 6+ hours after we started. Yea...

Stopped by to see Grandpa F, before heading up to Grandma W's to drop off the L-meister. He could seemingly barely wait until we left -- wanted nothing to do with us after getting kissies from Grandma...and Major the dog!

Off we went to Camp, checking into the hotel and relaxing for about 45 minutes before heading over to the main campus to attend the banquet. When Sgt Spark arrived, we jokingly asked "do you think you are going to get any of these medals?" He laughed and said "I think I might get one or two".

Fourteen Medals later...

We were very proud of his accomplishments, as it seems like he really plugged in this year! From academics, to riflry, to crafts, to horsemanship, he covered all of the bases!

Next morning dawned and off to the camp we went to watch the final parade and pack up the elder Oz child to bring him home. The parade was great, the Sgt became a 2nd Lt....and then it was back to Toledo to hang out! Visits to Grandpa F, Aunt Lori's dinner with Grandma W. ensued...everyone was glad to see Lt Spark and his little Brother "King Smiles alot"!

Saturday was an early one (given how much running around we already accomplished in two days!) Dropped little "Chief Hangs With Aunt Lori" off, picked up a nephew and off to Sandusky we went to visit Cedar Point. Given that it was a beautiful day, the drive from the turnpike to the Park took over an hour (all of about 10 miles!). Clued us in that it was gonna be a busy day at the park. Sr. Oz and Momma Oz rode the Corkscrew and walked around crowd watching (and eating an elephant ear of course!), while nephew and the Lt. rode Magnum and the Gemini. 3 hours (and no rides!) later, the decision was made that the park was too durn crowded (all ride waits..even for the crappy rides...were over 1.5 hours...with most sitting in the 2-3 hour timeframe!) So headed back to Toledo!

Upon arrival, Lt Fishes for Fun decided to head down to Grandma W's pond to try his luck. One 8" small mouth was his first victim (of course...he released it with a hearty "catch ya later"), with other victims following in the 2-4" range of bluegill mania. To him though...twas fishin...and that is all that matters! "King Naps with Grandma on the Porch Swing" enjoyed running around the many areas of Grandma's yard, and trying to catch the dog, the cat, the brubbah, the momma...you know..the usual!

Hopped out of bed the next morning..and met up with Grandpa F for breakfast at Cholesterol City. Enoyed visiting (even though we were 10 minutes late!)...and catching up! Then it was back in the car (sorry littlest Oz child..I know..too much time in the car!) for the 5 hour ride back home. Laundry, grocery shopping, a quick nap for Mom Oz, then dinner and dishes (as well as a few uploads of pics to the blog!) ensued....ending in a mighty crash into bed around 10:30!

All I have to say is ......"Whew...whadda great long weekend!" Tis nice to have the whole Oz family back in the Merry Land!

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