Holidays and Hockey

The Holiday season and travel hockey (or homeownership!) have never truly been simpatico. What with weekend games (on both days), and 2 practices throughout the week, it makes it very difficult to even consider heading into the garage to pull boxes for decorations, or want to head off to the mall for shopping excursions. Spending a Saturday Morning and afternoon in an ice rink here at home, and then heading out of town at the crack of o'dawn thirty on Sundays to head off to an away game (not arriving home until 4:00 p.m. or so) makes the weekend a blur, and the parents of a teenager and a toddler exhausted! Holiday decorating? Heck..I have 50 loads of laundry, 3 loads of dishes and four rooms to clean thank you! Holiday baking? Do they do holiday cookies at the various assorted "on the road" restaurants?

That being said...the Prince and Mr. Oz are in Bloomington Indiana today for two away games, and I am at home with a sleeping King. Tis truly the only way to get anything accomplished! Of course..here I sit on the computer blogging (as king takin a nap sleeps!)..rather than dishes, etc....but that is beside the point. Shortly I will get up, throw loads in every conceivable home appliance, and get my "butt moving". As I said, Hockey Season and holidays (homeownership too!) are never truly simpatico.

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