Gettin into things....

Someone was full of boyness last night and getting into everything that wasn't his, so Momma Oz decided that a trip to the living room play area was in order. This is exciting for King I am Tired of the Toys in My Toybox...as he gets to break into "new" toys...although he gets to play with them with some regularity (they just aren't in his regular rotation).

So off we went to the Liva-Rooom to play doctor, train and puzzles. How exciting for him! He is definitely his Grandpa F's grandson, as trains fascinate him (he has a train on each level of the house..and is oftentimes found playing with them!). The pics below are actually in backward order (as I posted them in the wrong order!)....but as you can see he was all boy (CRASH!). We even conned big brub into playing with us for a few minutes!

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