Mothers Day vs. a Birthday

For 14 years, I have declared Mother's Day to be Mother's Day Weekend. Tis a time for all those in the Oz family to honor, cherish, and be my slaves in whatever I choose to do, whatever I choose to have them get for me ("I want a diet coke...." and wha-la....it appears). I get to choose the shows we watch on TV, I get to choose what and when we eat, I get to be totally selfish (no comments from the D & R Brother Peanut Gallery...I am not always totally selfish!). I get to be the Queen....for a WHOLE weekend!

This year, I am unable to declare such a weekend...seems one little King turns two years old tomorrow (where the heck did the time go?!)...which means Mother's Day Weekend is back to Mother's Day only; and I am lucky 'cuz it isn't L-Keys Birthday Weekend yet. (The perils of declaring a weekend for yourself during a holiday....the kid (read prince) then feels it is duty, nay right to declare any time around his birthday to be his Birthday Weekend. I am sure that this will end up being the same for his younger bro' the King).

But Wait!!!! This whole thing can change! I can declare the weekend the King's..and open a new Hallmark Holiday...yea yea....Mother's Day Week to start on Sunday....

So here is to the new Hallmom Holiday...Mother's Day Week. And I have a question......Have you bought me my 7 days worth of presents yet? Deliver them to the local restaurant....we are eating out the entire week.


DF said...

Like another holiday that lasts all week, will you have a ceremony with the lighting of candles every night? Then the opening of presents? then a fine feast? Best of luck on the Mother's Day Week!

Carol P. said...

I'm in! Actually, I will be having mother's day week, but it'll be sans munchkins and S. And I'll have to spend my days learning about Query Analysis and Tuning.

But the evenings will be mine! With no interruptions! I can watch what I want on TV! Get my own Diet Coke! Choose where I want to eat supper! I'm in an exclamation point frenzy!

DF said...

All anyone need remember is: "If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy!"