Busy but great weekend!

What a busy..but fun weekend! Got a lot accomplished including tires for Mr. Oz's car (one of the ol' issues from last weekend solved!), hit a party up north, grocery shopping, a trip to the Laundromat (not ready to purchase a washer yet), pool vacuumed, and the usual chores of kitchen cleaning et al meant that we were on the move a lot.

The King and Prince truly enjoyed the acres and acres of open running land at Uncle R and Aunt J's house....the King of Ouside Pay payed his little heart out (and slept all the way home!). The boys also made a trip into the swimmy swimmy pewl yesterday...but didn't spend too long as the water was FREEZING (weird as it was warm mid-week!)...then the entire Oz family played a couple rounds of Horse in the driveway. (The King, Prince and Momma lost to the Horse king..Mr. oz...). I'll spare you more pictures of the King on the driveway in his police car......I think we have seen enough!

All in all..and enjoyable weekend!

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DF said...

There are never enough pictures of the King and his court!