Xmas Eve...

The decision was, since we are home for the very first Christmas in over 11 years...to make Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day very special for the boys. So after wrapping presents, and tracking Santa via NORAD, Christmas Eve started off with a dinner that only kids could love (okay...Mr and Mrs. Oz didn't hate it either!). It was all appetizers! Meatballs, Lil Smokie's pigs in a blanket, Rye Bread and Spinach Dip, Taco Dip, Cheese and Crackers and Summer Sausage... See I figure that, when we go to parties, we fill up with appetizers before the dinner is served...so...let's fill up with appetizers instead of dinner! Great idea huh!

After dinner, the boys were allowed to open 1 present each. The King thoroughly enjoyed his "Don't Spill the Beans" game, and the Cadet was thrilled with his Black Eyed Peas CD (don't ask...it isn't music that we would listen to!!)

As we sat watching the 24-Hour Marathon of A Christmas Story (a Mr. Oz and Steeeeeeve Tradition..only they were 350 miles apart), the doorbell rang. We were greeted by our neighbor, and a choir of about 20 people Christmas Caroling. They were extremely, and awesomely incredible (truly a CHOIR!)! While usually the Carolers are given a treat by the homeowners, these folks were only interested in seeing the smiles on the boys faces....and in the Caroling process...also gave us two incredible treats! Krispy Kreme Donuts, and Music CD that was studio'd right next door to us (they have a full musical studio in their basement) by our incredibly talented neighbor, Lee Anne Turner (Gospel Singer). Lee Anne is an MS Survivor (there is no other way to put it, except that she won't let MS get her down!). Her husband rides for a cure (bicycle)....these two are truly a blessed couple! (You can check out their website at http://www.whyiride.com , it is a neat tale). As appreciated as the Krispy Kreme's are, I have to tell you that the CD was a true blessing. The music is incredibly beautiful, and truly makes you stop and remember what Christmas is all about. She is amazing....and she has truly blessed us by bringing Jesus squarely into our home. How blessed we are!
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