Busy weekend break

Spent a busy weekend break (Fall break for the kids..including our very own cadet!) running around and enjoying family time. Sorry no pics, didn't haul the camera out! Had a great bday on Friday, then spent yesterday in Toledo visiting my uncle from GA, as well as Grandpa F. The boys enjoyed the trip to Fossil Park and finding fossils, iron pyrite, and calcite (thanks for the ID's Uncle J!). Then spent the better part of today just hanging out, replenishing the Cadet's food supply for the barracks, and enjoying the family.

Mr. Oz was called back on duty (it is his day off today and tomorrow) to cover the Cadet's barracks as there seemed to be some confusion with the relief tac officer (who shares the same days off as Mr. Oz) and the regular Tac officer for that barracks (who was driving one of the fall break buses and was caught in an ugly traffic jam on his way back). While Mr. Oz would rather "be off", he also knew that the Tac who is in charge of the barracks would do the same for him in a heartbeat. For the most part, everyone here is one big family, helping out where helping out is necessary!

All is going well here...the Cadet is in a wrist brace (for one more week) and then his arm should be declared totally healed from the nasty break. My work is going very well, and I am enjoying all of the new challenges that present themselves. Capt O (aka Mr. Oz) is enjoying his boys and having fun, it is such a change from the engineering field! Of course, the King is the King....ever keeping us on our toes!

So the beat goes on! Right? RIGHT!

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