Mr. Oz's big day(s)!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving found us in Michigan celebrating Mr. Oz's big 4-0 birthday with his Family. It was truly a fun and relaxing afternoon. Both the King and the Cadet enjoyed hangin with their cousins, and Mr. Oz enjoyed being the center of attention.
Here is Grandma W, Mr. Oz's two sisters and one nephew in Grandma W's new kitchen (it's freaking beautiful!)

Then of course there is the requisite "hanging out in front of the new flat screen TV" part of the celebration (guys only need partake in this part!)

Post gifts and food, we headed on back home as Mr. Oz had to work on his official birthday (the Sunday). As such, I obtained a cookie cake for Mr. Oz as well as the boys in the barracks....and made Mr. Oz do the requisite standing holding the cake pose. Hey...you are only 40 once right??

All in all Mr. Oz had a good Birthday "weekend". Happy 40 Mr. Oz! (Okay..so only almost 2 weeks late, but "whatever"!)

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