The off to the family Party!

After a wonderfully relaxing morning, it was time to head back to T-town for Mr. Oz's big family party. The boys were excited to see their cousins...and the King just LOVED hamming it up with his big brother - when he could catch him that is! Awwwww......brotherly love....in the way that only brothers can do - on minute hugging, and another minute "hamming it up".
(Note the expression on the King's face....not even paying attention! "Yeah right my brother is going to hit me....NOT with my Mommy this close to us!!)
A Christmas tradition with Mr. Oz's family is that "Uncle Ed" recruits elves to hand out the 100+ presents. The cadet "is too old" (by his estimation), but the King is just the right age and mindset to be an elf (and is a big helper too!). Here he is quietly standing in line awaiting his turn to get a present to take to its lucky recipient. Amazingly enough to me, the King delivered about 9 presents - none of which were for him at that time - without complaint, with a smile, and with the eagerness that only a three year old can do! (I guess I am lucky that he is self-aware enough at three to recognize that there are others outside of himself - I know a 15 year old that sometimes forgets that!)
In fact, he was so very patient, that Uncle Ed dug through and found a "King" present just for him to stop and take a break - to which the King eagerly ripped into and responded "SCORE...a Car Mommy".

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