We Aint in Tucky Anymore!

Yeah. Woke up this a.m. to see 5" of the white stuff had fallen overnight. And with jaded 40+ year old eyes, I thought "great...I am going to have a nice freaking commute this morning. Seriously....the roads I take aren't exactly on the county's high priority list, and as far as the roads that ARE on the high priority list...well..you can't get to my office from there. But then the King, in one small quiet sentence changed my whole outlook. Barely awake and being carried to the car to start our trek, he curled against my neck and said softly "Mommy, 'dere is snow, can we play in it when we get home?!"

Yes little King, we sure can.

We sure can.
Kinda makes you remember WHY you liked snow huh! Rosy checks and a smile that just won't quit. Winter is off and running....and I guess that's okay....

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