Another Special Day.....

Almost three years ago, I wrote the following blog posting. Today is a Special Day. Today is another special day!

This morning, a soldier arrived home from the Sandpit - to a place deep in the heart of Texas. He brings with him a compliment of men and women who have braved the good, the bad, and the ugly for 15 months. He led these heroes in a place where most of us would never wish to go. And he has led many of them back home. He will tell you he is just doing his job. His battalion tell you they are all just doing their job. But what they have seen, the thoughts of the men and women that did not make it back alive, and what they have accomplished in 15 month is doing a job that many of us cannot fathom. I "do my job" and the US gets luxury items for RV's. They do their job, and each and every one of us, regardless of our politics, is safe from harm, even though these soldiers may not be safe at the end of "work". It brings a whole new dimension "I'm just doing my job", doesn't it.

Over the next few weeks, the final battle-worn heroes will make their way back state side - into the arms of Moms, Dads, Wives, Husbands, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, and sons and daughters (And many of the soldiers will tell you these are the true heroes...for they kept the homefires burning - and my sister in Christ and in Life Alex proves it to no end!)

Welcome back 1st Cav heroes...welcome home 115th BSB, guided by someone I am proud to call my brother - welcome home Lt. Colonel Tyler Osenbaugh. Thanks for giving our Country the last 15 months of your life - it is a debt that neither I, nor my family can ever repay. In the words of your two nephews - known by most as the King and the Cadet.....UNCLE TY....YOU ROCK. HARD!

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Carol P. said...

Every day, I read The O's obituary pages. Folks from Dad's generation tend to dominate, and probably 80% of the standard-format obituaries from that generation (typically 80-90YO) say "During the war, he served...." South Pacific. Philipines. Army Air Corps. Europe.

In fact, it's rare enough that I notice now when they don't say that.

I ponder, sometimes, what the obituaries of our generation will say. For some, like Ty, it will say "He served his country with honor in Iraq." But for most of us, it won't be mentioned at all because military service just not part of our day to day life, as it was in Dad's era. Very different.

The men and women who are serving and the families that support them deserve even more gratitude for carrying the load.

Thank them for me too.