Fun in the (no) Sun!

And now for a brief interlude of fun kid snow pics. Somebody went sledding down the hill behind the Girls barracks. Sigh...not quite enough of an incline, but far too cold to head over to ranger field! Current snowfall totals/consensus is that we (in our area) have received around 14", with another 6-10 predicted before mid-day tomorrow. Sigh..we have moved back to the land of lake effect snow!

In case you are wondering, our friends to the east of us in T-town seemed to have received...oh...1". Sometimes it "ain't" fair! (But it is fun!)

Think of me fondly tomorrow a.m. as I had out into the arctic for my usual 31 mile drive!!


DF said...

IIRC, Right around your location is a great toboggan run, some fun for the King and his court!

meh said...

Your snow photos are gorgeous and wonderful to look at - from a distance. We just returned from a quick trip to Gram and Grandpa's in CT and just missed having 6". The kids were disappointed. I was not. I am ready to move to Florida (seriously making long range plans in that direction). If I can't be skiing in it, I don't want to be doing anything else in it! My condolences are with you brrrrrrrr