As promised!

It might have taken me a while, but as promised, here are some wrestling pics of the Cadet. Last weekend, his wrestling coach took him to a tournament where he wrestled Greco Roman style. This was the first time that the cadet had wrestled in this style. For his first time, he didn't do too bad. He lost on a Tech Fall in one match (with the gent in blue below) and then lost his second match by pin. In both cases, he made it late into the 2nd period which means he held his own for over 3 minutes (and in one case, almost 4) out of a total of five. For a kid who is fairly new to the sport (this was his second season), and is totally new to Greco Style (no use of leg grabs, traps, etc...it is all upper body), he was pleased with his performance.

At the end of the day, he garnered 4th place (out of five wrestlers), and was excited! The other wrestler was pinned by both opponents within the first few moments of the match, so the Cadet took it as a great victory for himself.

(Apologies for the "Quality" of the pics...sulpher lighting, zooming lenses and the type of action going on makes for difficult pics!!)

There was one other match that day....but as you can imagine, the light weight was no match for the Cadet. Does that mean the Cadet really ended the day 1-2?? Nah.....but he did have fun!

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