Proof that it is Real

When the cadet was a young lad, trapped in the playpen hallway at his Grandma and Grandpa F's (what a great place for a kid...lots of room to play and have fun!!), he used to stand at the gate to try to garner his Grandpa's attention.

"Dra-Pa. DRA_PA! DRA-PAAAAAAAA! We pay ball?"

And Grandpa would inevitably give in, collect the play ball, step over the gate and begin to tease the little fuzz "What kind of ball do you want to play H?" And in a little 18 month to 2 year old voice you would hear "Kicken Ball Dra-Pa". "Chicken Ball???? Chicken Ball???? You want to play Chicken Ball???" Grandpa would tease back. "NO...KICKEN BALL" And the game would be on.

The game became a favorite not just for the cadet, but for his Cuz AJ, and his little brother, the King. All have played Chicken Ball with Grandpa.

And now we have proof that Grandpa knew what he was talkin about...Chicken's really do play Chicken Ball!

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