Sgt. Sparky

You may officially call Sgt. Sparky, Staff Sgt. Sparky. Because he was officially promoted on Friday. Makes him one of the highest ranking Sophmores on campus. It also means that he is truly having one of his BEST. WEEKS. EVER.

  1. Made Superintendent's List
  2. Was confirmed
  3. Was promoted
  4. There is something else, but I can't tell ya, as Staff Sgt reads the blog...and he can't find out until graduation weekend (maybe I will "reveal" on one of the other blogs out there - perhaps that new one! LOL!)


Carol P. said...

Woooohoooo! Congratulations Sgt Sparky!

meh said...

WAY TO GO SPARKY!!! And so sorry Mom is NOT having the Best. Week. Ever. HUGS to you.