The King had an awesome birthday evening, hanging out for a few minutes with his brother, who was allowed to come home for cake and presents after third mess, before heading out into the barracks to celebrate with his other "brothers".

It's funny, although thoroughly self centered (like four year olds are supposed to be), he demanded that he take "cake and cuck-ca-cakes" out to his "fends in the barracks" both in our barracks and his brother's barracks. Nice. A cake and cupcakes for school, cupcakes for our barracks, and a cake for Echo - just call me the support of Bakers Unions Local 123 here in our neck of the woods.

$60 bucks in cake later, his playmates were happy, his 5-8th grade brothers were happy and his 9-12 grade brothers were beyond thrilled! (Just call on the overhead speakers "Attention in the barracks, attention in the barracks, there is cake at the guard desk for L-keys birthday - IT IS NOT FROM THE MESS HALL MRS. O BROUGHT REAL CAKE - and watch the teenagers appear in an instant from nowhere!).

Go back in time with me (since I am notoriously late in posting - seriously, my time is limited when it comes to getting uninterrupted moments at the computer!) and enjoy at least a portion of his evening...(oh, and notice how I managed to get a pic of SOMEONE's cast - he had asked me not to take a pic of it for the blog....notice how he hid it in my mother's day post, and so on lol)

Nothing like getting a card from your big brother that makes REAL sound. The King absolutely LOVES the sound cards (making me spend about 20 minutes in the card aisle of every store) and now he has his very own! A Star Wars Card to boot!

Seriously....A present for ME? A Golf Set? Big Brubbah - YOU ROCK.

Check out my birthday "cake" for my barracks (L&M Company). Lots and lots of cuck-ca-cakes for my boys! Power rangers, Mutant Turtles, Transformers and Backyardigans...yup - rings of every kind and color for my buddies!

Happy B day to me...happy b-day to ME....happy bday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - I love being four! (And my fends LOVED their cuck-ca-cakes)

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Carol P. said...

What, no pictures of the teenagers wearing the rings????

Looks like lots of fun! Wish I'd been there to play with the new toys and have a cuck-ca-cake too!