Or Not......

Right now, the King should be ensconced at one of his favorite Aunt's. And right now I should be at a wedding in Toledo. In fact, one of my old chum's called me to find out where I am. And, I got to talk to the groom and congratulate him! But I am not. I am still at home. "Why are you not in Ttown" you might ask, and that would be a good question - and good questions should receive an interesting story huh!

While a picture would speak enough words to easily tell you the tale, one King decided to break my camera - and it appears he broke Mr. Oz's too (nice....I found it in his toybox one day, and didn't realize that it no longer worked!). So, since there are no pictures to speak volumes, voluminous words will have to do.

Today dawned clear and slightly cool. The King and I quickly rushed around the house, to make sure we could make it to watch the Cadet play in the Alumni vs. Cadet softball game at 8:00 a.m. Made it out to the field at 8:09 and noticed - no one is here. Called Capt. Oz who kindly informed me "The game starts at 9:00 a.m. silly!" nice. So off we went to do our Saturday morning errands. You know, gas the car, hit the Post Office to get the mail, hit the bank, stop at the farmer's market and pick up some yummy amish pies (2 raspberry and 1 blackberry) and some amish bread to share with the family in Ttown. Our bags were already packed to head out to T-Town after the game - which was all that stood in our way before leaving.

Hit the game about 5 minutes before it started. Played with the King a little bit, joked with the Cadets a little, gave a little pitching instruction to both teams, then settled in. After two innings of watching the alumni struggle, I offered a "deal" to them - I would pitch, if they would give me a pinch batter (knowing that the open sinus condition and recovery of the extractions was still too fresh to be running around bases!). Deal struck, and off to the mound I went. (Only a few cadets jokingly said "not fair" - until I shot back with "Mrs. Oz is not only a Staff Wife...but an Alumni Wife...so there". They conceded and off the game went.

Top of the fourth, we are up to bat. Of course, we are losing, but hey....these are alumni - not 15-18 year old strong cadets right? My catcher is on third. My cadet is at catcher. Ball is hit to the second baseman. He throws home. Ball is slightly wide to the tag side. The cadet fields it in a sweep, ahead of the runner. The runner blasts through the tag, the cadet drops the ball. The cadet drops his mitt. The cadet runs off the field in a scream of anguish. The cadet collapses outside of the backstop. The cadet appears to be up for an Academy Award. (The cadet can overreact to something that you or I would say "ouch" and move on from!)

"Shake it off Cadet". His loving mother yells. Cadet is writhing - And the award goes to......, Game goes on. Capt. Oz comes to investigate. Cadet's Master Sergeant ROTC instructor comes to investigate. Cadet is ready for his closeup. Dad walks away. Master Sgt attempts to talk Cadet through the "shaking it off" period and tries to stand cadet up. Cadet isn't having it - for now.

About five minutes later, cadet comes to me crying and distraught and says (you know where this is going don't you?) "I think I need to go to the ER", while showing me a golf ball sized swell in the space between his thumb and his pointer finger. I, being the loving mother that I am
say, "Let me pitch one more inning". Cadet gets angry (because I am too loving and won't drop everything right.that.minute). I tell him to sit down in the bleachers, and I would be with him shortly.

Ten minutes later, I walk off the field, inform my alumni team mates that I have to take a kiddo to the ER and wish them luck.

One cadet enters the car, we enter the local ER, and after x-rays and review - the Princess walks back to the car with a splint cast and an order to see his Orthopedic Surgeon. He has broken his thumb. A crack at the base of it...(Yes MEH - you sure the heck are winning, but I think you should have called it 50 copays just to be safe!).

The two ironic things? (1) Mr. Oz saw the Orthopedic Doc on Wednesday to evaluate his shoulder, and the Doc said "Where is my favorite patient. We haven't seen him in some time!". (2) The Cadet was proudly telling his pastor's wife (as they were cutting things with a paper cutter yesterday) "I haven't broken anything in like Five Months". Speak it...and it shall come true.

So the Cadet asked me to stay home....and although he is in the barracks, I complied.

Yeah....in the words of the dudes from Liverpool...

Ya got to believe its getting better.....it's getting better all the time.


DF said...

Has anyone thought about calcium supplements?
Grow big and strong there Pricess Cadet

JO said...

Doc says that the 18 (no lie) glasses of milk would say that he is wellllllll calcified. Sigh. I did post the question about "soft bones" - the doc said "No, he just plays hard".

Carol P. said...

I wasn't far wrong when I called him the local Walt Weiss equivalent. But he didn't have to take me so seriously about it!

And hey, maybe the ortho will invite you all to his kids' weddings and graduations since you're responsible for paying for them!

Hang in there, Sgt Sparky!

The Girl Next Door said...

I am not happy to be winning - really, I'm not...Hang In! And You are the BEST MOMMY in the whole world for giving up your weekend/wedding for Sgt Sparky. Some day SOON I hope he appreciates that!