One day down....

One day down of a busy weekend, one to go. Went to a great Graduation Party for a cousin - he is heading off in the fall to college in, of all places, Kentucky! Too bad we won't be around down there for him to visit! LOL.

Spent the better part of the evening cooking side dishes for the Cadet's party tomorrow at my SIL's lake. Brush Creek's cheesy potatoes, Marshmallow Pineapple Salad (Grandma Faison's of course), baked beans, and corn souffle (the one CarolP that Aunt Pete made!)....mmmmm..... (except the Pineapple Marshmallow salad - never one of my favorites) - the Cadet has good taste. Add the Ham and Fried Chicken that my MIL is bringing and we have ourselves a party my friends.

Off to bed now....am dead in the water and ready to fall over!

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meh said...

Hope you had fun at the lake - sounds delicious! We, too, went to "the lake." Sorry it wasnt' the same one. And, by the way, yes we did miss you! Sounds like you are b-u-s-y. Don't the boys know it's SUMMER?!