Whilst I "rest"

Okay - so I don't do "rest" well. Am stuck at home rather than work today (although I would guess that home is less stress than the office - but whatever) - so rather than tear apart the house with cleaning activities (which is what I "think" I need to do"), I just stare vacantly at the mess that surrounds me (the boys camp gear, clothes for 3 weeks that they had, fishing crap, the King's toys and the like) thinking "what the heck am I gonna do with all this "time" today.

Since the boys have headed off to the local Amish Town to join the Inlaws who are shopping to their hearts content at the flea market there ("Shi%youwanted" if you know where I mean), all is quiet on the homefront so I am sitting here quietly cruising the internet (aka "resting" - again - WhatE!)

As I was reading my cuz's blog about her home repair adventures and wishing that my 16 year old boy would be as good as her once sheltered son at Home Improvement projects (I luv ya bud - but ya ain't so hot with a hammer, electricity or anything like that), I though - hey - I could do a drive by posting at my own DAMN blog rather than reading other folks blogs- since it seems my life is on fast forward and I never get the oppy to do so!

Therefore - it is time for
Random Thoughts - By Mrs. Oz

I am thankful that the boys are gone and I have the remote all to myself today.

I don't think I can take another round of Disney Channel Games, or Hannah Montana, or Wow Wow Wubbzy, or Handy Manny, or Peoples Court, or Maury Povich ("he is NOT the father"), or WWE wrestling on DVR, or Satellites being shot out of the sky on the discovery channel, or the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. Mr. Discovery Channel - Bring on some "Land of Egypt" please. This wounded warrior could use a good Kufu story.

I wish I had the faith of my four year old. Seriously. The Faith of a Child is amazing.

The King and the Cadet decided to go fishing in a stagnant pond here on campus on Sunday. Tis DISGUSTING (the pond) - a solid pack of algae growth, but the Cadet told me that "seriously mom, there are fish in there". Yeah. I'll bet. Fish with FOUR STINKIN HEADS or something. So off they set near dusk, with Momma following behind. The Cadet set up the pole with the requisite bobber and power bait - the King was hopping up and down, thoroughly excited. The cadet told the anxious and excited king "Let me cast once, to make sure we are set up right". (Yeah right cadet - you love fishing like nobody's business - sure you had to make sure it "was set up right). He tosses in the line. The bobber immediately sinks - and voila - up comes a 3" bluegill - covered in slimey algae of course..

Now the King just can't. stand. it.

The Cadet sets up the pole and the King tosses in the line. Bobber immediately sinks - the King pulls back a 4" bass. Whoo stinkin Hoo! Nothing better than that kind of fishing for a four year old. What, was the bass sitting there with its mouth open? I call Mr. Oz and he immediately comes down to witness the "miracle of Old Guard". The boys fish for about another half an hour, with all but 2 casts (where the fish "stole the bait" instantly) causing an immediate pull back of baby bass, baby bluegill, and a 6" catfish. Then darkness fell, and we had to abandon the pond.

On our walk back across campus, the Cadet and his father were laughing and trying to judge the size of the cat fish that the King had caught (fishermen memories are hilarious - Dad said 6", the Cadet said 12" - I agreed with dad of course!!). All of the sudden, the King looks up at the sky and says "Thank you God for All of the Fish. I LOVE YOU GOD." Then puts both hands to his mouth, kisses them and throws the kisses up to the sky with a big MUAH. Okay - fishing was fun and the evening was full of great frolic, but only the King remembered who was responsible for the excitement of the evening. No wonder Jesus wanted to spend his time around the children rather than the adults. Lord - give me the faith of a child - my child in particular, and let me know You like he does!

The Cadet's "baby - I know it is hard to see, but this was taken with "night mode" to try to get enough light. Check out the algae on the pond behind him!!

Look where the boys are looking and you can (barely) see the fishy that the King Caught. (Green algae, green tree and grass behind it - niiiiice)

A new beginning, a one year celebration and twenty years??

This weekend my niece KF will marry her BFF and love Tim. (Hey wait - isn't he "just a friend" K???). A year ago (plus a few days), my Daddy married the best "Mom" I could have picked for him after my Mommy died six years ago, and today marks the 20th anniversary, how ever bittersweet of my cousin - which means that Mr. Oz and I will celebrate 20 years in October. Where the heck did the time go? KF isn't old enough to get married - she was in a walker at my wedding - oh wait.... Um......UMMMM - I am just sayin.

I like my new cell phone. There, I said it Cadet - now back off.
My phone has been available for "free upgrade" for about 4 months. Am I the only person in the world that thinks "Just because I can - doesn't mean I have to upgrade my phone". There is not one durn thing wrong with my current phone. Why do I have to change? (Okay, maybe that is the Faison in me - right??). So about two weeks ago, after weekly badgering by the 16 year old, and bi-weekly badgering by Mr Oz (who understands that if you badger me - you will not.get.anywhere.) - I finally hopped on Verizon Wireless and ordered a new phone (free of course - I ain't payin for a latest and greatest). Got me-self a LG Chocolate. The cadet told me "That is too much phone for you mom - I will take it off your hands". At least I think that is what came out of his mouth, because what I heard was "Mom, you have no right - NONE WHATSOEVER - to have any freakin thing that is cool - you are old - you need oldness in your technology, and life". Seriously. (Aside - MEH, and DF - do you get the feeling that our kids think we don't "get them" - but the reality is - they don't get US????? Oh, and it's a comin atcha Ms. CarolP - ya better steel yourself - it ain't pretty - but it is indeed reality). During my "rest" period this a.m. I loaded about 10 songs on the music player and have been listening to it ever since. ("I gotta get outta this prison cell - someday I'm gonna be freeeeeeee lord...find me somebody to love, find me somebody to love......") So hey Cadet - in addition to the 1976 MGB that rates high on the Teenage Coolness Factor - which is freakin mine - the Black Cherry Chocolate with 10 songs on it (because I ain't getting a mini-sd chip to put more on) with the capability to take the pictures shown above at the pond - is freakin mine too!. Life's rough - get over it.

I guess that is about it. I know that I owe The Girl Next Door a meme about six random things about me - but I no longer am feeling witty and think I will move this period of "rest" to the ol bed for a nap. Enjoy your day y'all.


DF said...

I got tow wanting upgrades, because they can, not because they are needed. I feel your pain and rais you by grad school.

meh said...

OH yeah, it's not that we don't get them - it's totally that THEY don't get US!!!! And yes, my kids think I should have everything "old" b/c I wouldn't know what to do with it anyway. Funny that all three of us (kids and me) have the exact same phone. Only theirs is each cracked on the front b/c they DROPPED it and mine looks nice and new. (and I use mine waaaay more than they use theirs) Go figure.