Just messin around....

Last night, the Cadet was messing around with the camera trying to take new pics for his myspace page. He had the usual myspace pics (you know the one where you can see the person's arms holding the camera??). I snagged the camera out of his hand and snapped off a quick pic from overhead of him. The result? Not too bad.

Then I got him laughing and I was pretending to "snap" the camera - hung it right over his face as he was laughing and quickly pressed the shutter. The result was this one - which is probably one of my favorite pictures ever taken of him - mostly because he isn't making a goofy face, and he is laughing naturally (Meaning it reaches his eyes too!!).

He thinks they both look like they could have been "Senior" pictures, except he is a junior. I think he is crazy - but I do like the pics and thought I would share them with you!
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