Westview Super Duels

As promised, here are a few pictures of the Cadet wrestling in the Westview Super Duels. For those of you who haven't experienced a super meet like this, there were 9 teams, and the Cadet's team wrestled 5 others. These pics are the from the first team that the Cadet wrestled.

Although he went 1-4, the Cadet was pleased with his performance. Oh, and he broke his finger (very clearly just by looking at it)...but like most 16 year olds (and very unlike MY 16 year old) he is refusing medical attention other than buddy tape (which is all a Doc would do anyhoo), as if he is officially "treated"...dude would be out of wrestling for the rest of the season. And with Sectionals on the 31st..as far as he is concerned...that.isn't.going.to.happen. (Mom is watching it verrrrry closely)
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