The flu seems to have hit campus - and is rolling through the barracks. Fevers, coughs, lots and lots of germs free floating around the square footage that is HMS. Nice.

The cadet awoke this morning, needing to head over to the chapel to acolyte two services. Unfortunately for him (and the Church) he was running a fever and hacking so Mom put the kibosh on him even leaving the house.

He hasn't spiked the high fever of the flu - so I am ever so hopeful that we are dealing with a late Winter cold. Yeah - hopeful. After all, tomorrow I am going to have to call our favorite Ortho doc to have him look at the Cadet's foot - given that he doesn't seem to be healing as fast as the ER Ortho Doc thought he would. The XRay that was taken of his foot last weekend showed no break (the Cadet dumped his 200+ lb Moped on himself), so it was declared a sprain - but it keeps swelling up, and keeps causing pain - so who the heck knows.

And just to make matters more fun - I started getting a sore throat about 45 minutes ago....NICE. If Momma is sick - some cadets (most likely my own!) are gonna die - or at least feel the wrath of Momma!

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Carol P. said...

Ohhhhhhhnoooooooooo! This sounds like what laid us duckfeeters low across several weeks in Feb! Hope you don't get it, and if you do that it doesn't take long to clear through the family. Because you're right; the kids are gonna be unhappy if Momma's sick.

VerfWord vultfun. As in, what fun. Not.

Here's hoping that the cadet's foot is being obstinate, not broken...