The Big Guy!

As I indicated before, somebody turned 5 today! Yup! The Big Five year old! Of course, there treats (Star Trek Cupcakes) for school, then presents from his brother (sorry sliders and a cool sound card) and presents from Mom and Dad (a Star Wars Blaster and a Power Rangers Megazord - whatever the heck that is!), and then it was off to the barracks to have the boys of M Company sing Happy Birthday to their favorite "annoying little bother"

Happy 5th Birthday King! You sure are getting to be quite the big guy!

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Carol P. said...

Five??? F-I-V-E? How the heck did that happen so fast????

Happy Birthday L! Enjoy the new toys and games!

dkuroiwa said...

He is such a cutie..oh wait...as my 6-year-old says, "not cute...handsome and cool"!!
I love that look in little boys eyes they get when they open presents like those!! Sometimes I have absolutely no idea what the item in the box does, but...it makes little boys incredibly happy!! What a great day!!