You can take the girl outta Kentucky.....

Although I spent the better part of my life in the Toledo area, it seems that my 'home' may be in the bluegrass state.

Case in point.

Today I had a bunch to do. I have a cold which is driving me crazy. I am groggy and sleepy. And yet? At about 6:08, I said "Oh wait King, I need the remote control". Then immediately jumped to NBC. Why? It is almost post time for the Preakness! Calvin Borel is hitting the track again, this time forgoing his Kentucky Derby Winning mount "Mine that Bird", in favor of his Kentucky Oaks winner filly Rachel Alexandra. I know the commentators (including Donna - the former jockey) who likes Rachel Alexandra because she "Run's like a girl".

Me? I just like watching the thoroughbreds run. At Churchill Downs primarily, but when the three year olds are running, in the big races, I am certainly watching.

So as the boys, and the one lone girl who just may be just the superhorse that Calvin Borel believes she may be, get ready to head to the gate (and they are now gating #8), I will miss my bluegrass home, cheer "go Baby Go", and dream fondly of a warm Louisville day, a mint julep, and wonderful old friends.


dkuroiwa said...

Though I'm not from Kentucky, I can certainly understand your feelings. I grew up watching pretty much any race that was televised...later on, my Daddy actually owned a horse that ran in Raton and Denver...a good friend of our family actually knows the owner of Mine That Bird!!
I was cheering for Mine That Bird in this last race..thinking that a Triple Crown winner might be possible, but....How exciting for Rachel Alexendra and all involved with her...especially Borel...Lord I do love to watch his interviews!! He just makes me smile!
Now...if I just liked mint juleps....!!
Have a great weekend!!

JO said...

I will tell ya Debbie that the very first Mint Julep you drink is horrible. Absolutely HORRIBLE. The second tastes a little better, and by the time you hit the fifth (julep, not the whole bottle), they are pretty tasty! Grin.

Had Mine that Bird and Jockey Mike Smith gotten to the rail, he just might have caught her at the end! Of course, the other riders knew this, so there was no rail chance for MTB....but since he is a Stalker and a closer, he just might smoke em all in the Belmont!