Its a Conspiracy - Part Deux

Yup, the conspiracy lives on to ensure that we are in two apartments rather than one. Last night, (as you could tell from the old "bleary eyed and draggin butt" post), flew by in a haze of "I'm exhausted", so I wasn't truly able to get anything accomplished at the old place (or the new).

This morning, I have been working at the old place for about three hours trying to sort through toys, clothes, pantry items and the like. Had to take a momentary break to head out to pick up the mail, but for the most part, worked steady for the past three hours. So why does it not look like I did a DAMN THING???

And now (when I get my butt off the computer here in a minute), I will head down to the "new" apartment and hop in the shower before heading over to Defiance Ohio to a Grad Party that starts at 2:00. 2 hour drive, 2 hours at the partay, 2 hours back=six hours of move time lost (plus 45 minutes to the whole getting ready thing).

Don't get me wrong, I am excited to celebrate our Cousin/Nephew/Really Second Cousin TJ's graduation, and want to wish him well as he takes off for Marine boot camp tomorrow (which is why it is important for us to head over there!!!) - but this whole thing is KILLIN me!


There is always Sunday right??! RIGHT! And you can bet your sweet bippy I have plans to get a BOATLOAD accomplished tomorrow. Especially since Mr. Oz will be off "camp training" starting Monday, and totally gone next Friday!

Sigh. Back to following in the footsteps of conspiracy.

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