A little sunday pantry challenge......

In between loads of laundry, doing dishes and making a cake for a young lady here on campus who is graduating from a local high school, I got to thinking about what to have for dinner.  I have lots of "stuff" -  but couldn't think of anything to make without going to the store.  Yeah.  Like I feel like adding THAT to the mix!

Then I stumbled upon the SuperCook website. It is like a google search engine of the most popular recipe web sites - except you don't enter the recipe name that you are looking for, you enter things you have in your pantry, freezer, fridge and the like, and it comes back with bonifide recipes that you can make.  I entered a list of about 10 things I have in the cabinet/fridge (like ground beef, chicken breast, honey, mozzarella cheese, bacon, olives, etc.) and it popped up with a recipe that indicated if I had mustard, I could make Honey Mustard Chicken Breasts with Bacon and Mozarella Cheese.  Good News!  I.Most.Certainly.Have.Mustard.  Voila.  For dinner we are having this fine fare (which is cooking right now and smelling amazing I might add) along with some stovetop stuffing, and lima beans.  Yeah - those I had in the pantry as well!  

I gotta say, I love lazy weekends (even though I SHOULD be preparing to move).  I find all kinds of cool stuff on the web - and then get to share it with YOU all.  Definitely check out Supercook!!

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The Girl Next Door said...

Sounds Awesome! I will have to check that out when we get back!!