Happy Halloweeeeeeeennnnnn

As is the custom on this day, the King in a Box wandered out to check out his prospects at obtaining sugary tasty sweets from the locals. Off we went at 5:00 p.m., the start of the ol' trick or treat/trunk or treat festivities here in town.

Here is the King, all painted up, and ready to head out in search of some sweetly tasty sugary goodness.

Here is a good idea of the multi-colors in his outfit...as well as just how dang cute he looked.....

At every turn, folks were commenting on how neat his costume was and how cute he looked.

And so - with candy collecting stops at many different houses, including the original house of the founder of the School (now the Chaplain's house shown here), Halloween 2009 is in the books - with a good time had by the little one in the box!

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DF said...

really kewl pics of the King!

Carol P. said...

I love that costume! Awesome job!