In a galaxy far far away....

My keys were lost. Seriously lost. In downtown Toledo no less. Somewhere between the Library and the Owens Corning Building (the old one). Great - that covers about 16 square city blocks. Thankfully there was a locksmith willing to come out and help by hotwiring the ignition and getting a new mold to cut a new key. Scatterbrained? Yes I was thank you very much. I had a good reason though.

See, I was feeling out of sorts. Completely exhausted, and not really connected mentally. Everytime I turned my head to the left, I would have a petit mal/mini seizure, and my mind was racing as to what it could be. I had been to the Doc earlier in the week, and they had runa series of tests I was just banking on the fact that it was the stress of the upcoming weekend.

On Saturday, the morning sun shone brightly. I wandered over to the mall, because I had realized that I had failed to purchase some shoes that I really really needed for the day. Found the shoes fairly quickly, but then kept wandering - just window shopping. Greeted an old friend who was passing by JC Penney's. He looked at me strangely and said "shouldn't you be going home and getting ready for today's festivities?". "Yeah, I guess I should", I replied. That was around 12:30 p.m.

Ran home, took a shower (and only had 1 petit mal seizure in the process). Got a call fromj Capt. Oz -and realized that I needed to kick it into high gear and get moving. Forty five minutes later I was dressed, fully made up, and sitting quietly watching a crazy amount of activity around me. It was surreal, as I didn't feel connected with the activity going on around me.

Fifteen minutes later, the double doors opened, and I set off down the aisle on my father's arm, where he delivered me safely into the arms of Captain Oz.

Of course, this was twenty-one years ago...and that day - the day of our Wedding along with the week's events (including the scary locksmith dude on Thursday!) - is still fresh in my mind.

Happy Anniversary my love. Here is to 40+ more!

(Oh, and the seizures? They were caused by the massive case of Mono that I had - we found out on our honeymoon what was causing the seizures!)

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The Girl Next Door said...

Wow and happy anniversary and I never knew that story! You looked GREAT on that day Cuz. Gorgeous and awesome and I wish you both many many more.