Kitchen Fun with the King

When the King came home from school today, he wanted to have a little kitchen fun. I had happened upon a fun little silicone baking pan, and the King was just DYIN' to try it out. You might have seen the infomercials for the Big Top Cupcake? Well, I came across a knock off that was far cheaper than the $19.95 version (LTD Commodities for like 6.95!), and had purchased it knowing that the King would love it.

The whole premise is that it makes a cupcake that is around 25x larger than a regular cupcake - I would say my pan was more like around 10x the size...but that is neither here nor there. The King decided he wanted a chocolate cupcake (or Cuck-a-Cake as they are called around here), with orange filling, chocolate frosting, and of course (he is five you know) sprinkles.

So join us now as we head off into the making of a Giant Cupcake.......

The King all set to start the baking process.

The batter is made, and in the pan, ready to head off to the oven.

MMMMMM....devils food cake, already to become a giant cuck-a-cake.

And here we are...complete! One Giant Cuck-a-cake, with orange filling (yeah - marmalade...who asked), and chocolate frosting, with the sprinkles added by one Young King, Very tasty...very moist - and the family declares it a hit!

If you are considering a pan, here are some things I "learned". You will need to add about 10 minutes to the baking time, and although one of the "properties" of silicone bakeware is that you don't have to grease it, folks online recommended on these giant cakes, to spray the pan well with baking spray or risk the whole thing coming apart. All in all, it was a very successful and satisfying adventure for the King and Mom, and it came off without a hitch (which means it is Mom tested and approved!!!)

And since I KNOW you were dying to know - Am feeling better today, now that the antibiotic has kicked in. Of course, the sinuses are starting to drain so that is a party in a box of kleenex - but my chest is far less heavy, and although I am wiped out and could use 4-5 naps right about now, am overall on the mend!
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