Better Late than Never huh!

Christmas did indeed arrive in the Land of Oz. Right on time no less. So with few words...

Christmas in Oz.

Santa had arrived for the boys...

Toys for the King.
And clothes for the Cadet (here is a soft fluffy Man-Robe for the Robie)
Then it was off to visit family in Toledo. One party with the Wizard's family (aka Capt Oz) and then off to visit Mrs. Oz's fam.

Hi Uncle D and Uncle R! Happy to see y'all!!

Baby Ry Ry using a box to scoot around the floor!

Cousins hangin on the couch. (or siblings and spouses..you make the call)

C and Cadet hangin with cousin Ry-Ry.

Hope your Christmas was filled with family, fun and joy! Ours sure was.

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