Can you see the cloud?

Yesterday, the battery idiot-light in the car came on when I was about 5 miles into my 34 mile commute on my way home. Nice. I called Captain Oz (who was off yesterday) and said "I think something is going wrong with the car". 15 miles into the commute, all kinds of idiot lights began flashing (airbag, gas, check engine, and the like) to go along with the battery. Then I lost the speedometer and the gas gauge (of course, I lost the tach when the battery light came on first!). Called back to Capt Oz and said "okay, this drive is going to heck in a handbasket". 25 Miles into the commute it started bucking like it was losing power. I called him and said "get on the road cuz I don't think this beasty is going to make it home". 30 Miles into the commute (on a side street) I called and said "where are ya...here is where I am...dead on the side of the road."

Yeah. Nice. So he arrived around 2 minutes later, and we began the process of jumpstarting the car. It indeed did jumpstart, but would die within around miles. Another jumpstart would bring it back to life for another mile or so.

4 jump starts later, the car was safely home.

The starting point of fixing? Replace the battery. Of course, it could be a host of other things (like alternator and the like), but the battery showed signs of corrosion at the negative terminal....and...well..quite frankly it is a cheaper start to the repair and it registered dead dead dead.

So I ask you again, do you see the cloud over our heads with the dang cars? Yeah.....its a party - and right in front of Christmas too.
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