It amazes me sometimes....

As I was clearing out the clutter from the King's backpack to ready it for another week, I noticed that he had a "bring home book" in there from Friday.

Bring home books are simple primer readers that are sent home every so often (about 1x per week) for the Child to read to his or her parents. Even though I often read stories to the King (something that sadly I did not do often enough with his big brother - and which I regret to this day), I always make a huge deal out of these bring home books, because in this instance he gets to read to me.

Of course, these are definitely primer books...very simplistic in nature. But they are exciting, in that he is sounding out words, looking at pictures to determine words that he has forgotten and the like.

It amazes me that this little creature is growing and learning with such voracity. And it amazes me that I, of all people, get to watch each and every moment of this young child and the world that is opening up to him day by day, and minute by minute.

I look on him and his brother - and wonder how the heck I got so blessed, and so lucky that these two amazing individuals were given to my care. I can only hope that I am worthy of the task.

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The Girl Next Door said...

Oh you are so very very worthy. They are blessed to have you for a mom!