Pond Fun!

Yesterday, the boys and I headed on down the road to the southern Ozlander resident (Capt. Oz's bro).  It seems that the pond had frozen on his property, and several of the Amish Kids (along with Col. Oz) had cleared a section of the pond for skating and ice hockey.  (Yes, according to Cadet, the Amish kids indeed do play ice hockey - as he was there the day before and witnessed it with his own eyes!).

Of course, nothing can occur, even in frigid weather, without Momma Oz there to blog it for posterity, so I present to you a bit of pond fun from yesterday.  If you would like, stand in front of the freezer to read this...and you will be about 1/2 way to how cold it was!

The intrepid ice skaters watching Col. and Capt. Oz clearing the ice.  (King in green hat....)

The King...pretty much ready for Mini-Mite hockey.  What a colorful set out outdoor gear he has eh?!

The Cadet messing around.  He had been flipping the puck on the blade of his stick, and had just knocked it down to shoot it off when I snapped the photo.

As an aside..if you review the above photos carefully, and happen to see the Cadet's bluetooth earpiece...let me know - as he managed to drop it (the day before when he was skating) from his pocket.  Don't ask ME why he had it in his coat pocket in the midst of a snowstorm - I am just the Mom here!

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